“Circle Of One”, “The Window of Hope”, “Get Here” and ‘Oh Me Oh My (I’m  A Fool For You Baby).   I could go on and on talking about Oleta Adams.  Another amazing voice, songwriter, pianist, producer and beautiful person.  I knew of  Oleta Adams and had her debut album.  I first met her while on tour with Phil Collins.  A few years later and I had worked on a few of her albums, during a break at a session for the movie Corrina Corrina, I went to a room where the piano was and closed the glass door and began to play.   Not long after I was playing Oleta came to the door and asked about the song I was playing I told her it was a praise and worship song and she asked me to sing it.  After doing so she said she would love to record it if she does a Gospel CD and asked me to send a demo of it to her.

A year later Oleta called me and asked if I’d done anything with the song. I told her I’ve been holding it for you.  Adams recorded it as the opening number of her first gospel CD, Come Walk with Me (1997). That song, “Holy is the Lamb,” was later nominated for a Grammy®.    When I heard Oleta Adams singing Holy Is The Lamb I wept.  I knew then, that though God had sent that song through me it was meant for her to sing.  And that, she did!



p.s.  You guys should hear Oleta Adams sing “Oh Me Oh My ( I’m A Fool For You Baby)”